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Welcome to My World of Art

Here you can dive into past and present. Enjoy the journey where moment meets eternity.


Exhibition @ Gallery BRONDA, Helsinki, Finland. Opening Wednesday 29th of May. Welcome.

Ask for Commission Works

If you cant find the size or colour theme you are looking for to your beautiful home, private hideaway, hotel or cruise liner, resort or office, just make contact. I enjoy the variety and challenge of new projects. I love to work with home owners who want to fill their space with relaxing beautiful art or with designers and architects to help fulfil the brief.

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Maiju Tirri on YouTube
(Video, 07:50)

"I sense very strongly the presence of nature and the various surfaces of elements in the scenery. The constant circling movement and the flow in nature will be processed and placed in the inner flow and intellectual growth of the individual. Both energy and tranquility are emerging from original feelings and the result at its best is harmony and joy.”

Maiju Tirri is a highly considered Contemporary Artist / Painter from Finland. She lives and works in Southern Spain and has had various solo and group exhibitions around Europe. Her works belong to various public and private collections in Europe, the Middle East and USA.